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Old News

Can't go wrong with Jello Wrestling:7.11.01

Well fans, the time has come for you to ask yourself - Are you young? Have some rage built up somewhere? No money to your name? Such a situation has only one remedy - See us and many, many other bands at Angry, Young and Poor Fest! That's right, people. 2 days of rock, art, beatniks and rock! Located at Into the Woods Coffeehouse on College rd, across from Hotlicks and next to Oaken Keg. Here's the order:

Friday, July 13th

Time Event
2 pm TBA
3 pm TBA
4 pm Jesus/Karma
5 pm Insondae
6 pm Art Gala (indoors)
7 pm Open Mic Poetry
8 pm Open Mic Poetry
9 pm Isaac Bettis / Kevin Shin
10 pm Methyl Red
11 pm Jam Session

Saturday, July 14th

Time Event
2 pm Sarah Hanson
3 pm The Underground Orchestra
4 pm 37 SCDW & Codename:Cleveland
5 pm 4 out of 5 Doctors
6 pm Desolation Nowhere
7 pm That Raven and The Miscreants
8 pm Lockbox
9 pm Jakob's Ladder
10 pm Savvy
11 pm Sweating Honey

By the way, we also played a show at the Youth Center last friday, which went off pretty well. Thanks to everyone who was there and didn't hate (or profess their hate of) us, especially Caleb. Because Caleb rules. In fact, he's our most frequent visitor! Which brings me to another point. This website is drab. It needs something entertaining for poor Caleb to do. What should it be? Tic Tac Toe? A Super Mario Brothers knockoff with band members in place of Mario and Luigi, ala Reel Big Fish? How about "Attack of the Rock 'n Roll Space Ninjas?" This dilemma must be remedied! Thus, I humbly request that you all tell us what to entertain Caleb with in the guestbook.

-And check back soon, because we'll hopefully have some Mp3's up. Speaking of which, everyone here should be using either Napigator or Macigator by now, right? Napster may be dead, but home-run OpenNap is still stealing music quickly and efficiently!

Updated by Ausitn, 7.11.01

Top Ramen - Feeding the hungry for 7 cents a day...:5.3.01
The show at the boys and girls club went off without a hitch! MethylRed played a compitent, 40 minute set to open the show, with most of the crowd coming in just in time to hear the new harder jam, "pain". We're all psyched up for more shows this summer, starting with Angry, Young and Poor fest, july 13th and 14th at Into the Woods Coffee Shop. AYP is going to be a 2 day showcase of teenage and 20something artwork, poetry and music. Free admission! ...Band time slots aren't known just yet. Contact Hannah Hill for more info. And sign the guestbook! It's a proven fact that signing a guestbook makes you sexier!
So... You're, like, SURE this time... right, dude? Dude?:5.3.01
Okay, so the show IS finalized. Saturday, May 26th at the Boys and Girls Club, 6th and Cushman. Bands are the 'Candles, Jakob's Ladder, Savvy, the Doc's and Internecine... Take a look at the flyer under the "Shows" heading, and print it out, and post it everywhere you possibly can! Oh hey, guess what? We changed our name! Yes, that's right. There are way too many livewires out there. Anyways, you should sign our poor, lonely guestbook.
You're a moron, Orville. A moron indeed... ::4.2.01
Looks like the show is gonna fly. We're looking at April 14th at the Alaskaland Civic Center. Lineup should include Livewire, Internecine, The Roman Candles (From Anchorage), Jakob's Ladder and Savvy. Potentially others as well, plus Rodney and Abe VJ'ing a psychedellic, tech'ed out lite show.
So, are you guys going to, like, DO anything?::3.3.01
Well, we're bumping the show back a few weeks, because we can't find a venue and aren't exactly practiced enough. Watch for flyers, though. They'll be out at West Valley and Lathrop a week before the show. Added some new links; take a look at those. We're also looking at throwing a rave coming up, too.
Just Another Update:: 2.9.01
Added a little under the songs area and fixed something in the Bios section. That concert is still on. Were gonna try to have it at the fairgrounds but thats subject to change. It also looks like we might have a bassist.
Move along, folks :: 1.29.01
Added a few photos under the bio's section, and a massive amount of links. There's not much else here just yet, though. So why not sign the guestbook? ...There's talk of a show in March, so keep your eyes out for that. Hopefully it will feature some very, very crazy lighting effects, too.
New Page Created ::1.6.01
Welcome to the new site for local Fairbanks rock group, LiveWire. In the near future this page will contain news about upcoming concerts and recordings, pictures of the band at work and Mp3's of our music.