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Name: Kelly Case
Alias:Craven the Raven
Plays:Guitar, Vocals, samplin'
Age:17, Senior
Notable Quote:I'm not fuckin' plugged in!
Name:Austin Sousa
Alias:Unoriginality Man
Plays: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Age:18, Senior
Current Musing:BritPop: U2, Coldplay...
Notable Quote: Prodigious!
Name:Ben Bridwell
Alias:Benny the Beatman
Plays:Drums, Percussion, Samplin'
Age:16, Junior
Collectable Fun Factoid:Benny the Beatman boggles the brains of billions of bystanders by busting out beautiful, bewildering back beats.
Name:Gavin Haige
Alias:The Great Gavini
Plays:Bass, Low Frequencies
Age:16, Junior
Collectable Fun Factoid:Neptunian in origin, Gavin posesses the rare gift of "Telepathic Funk", in which brainwaves are amplified to create the ultimate groove.