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Austin Sousa, 11 /2000
Verse 1
Hey, I don't think I'll be home today.
Don't tell me I've gone and thrown my life away
You think I'm ready, I think you're wrong
I think you're right for me but once is too long
so hey, I don't think I'm coming home right now
You say I'll never make a difference,
think I'm lost in my own way
Say "You'll never go the distance,
You're too fucked up anyway"
but even when I'm lying in a gutter far from now
It won't be you that I'll be needing, not here anyhow
And since my age is such a material thing, I'm gonna be poor forever
and I don't need your sympathy, Because I don't think I'll be coming home right now
Verse 2
Hey, I don't wanna be your baggage today
Go ahead, leave your problems dead right where they lay
enough apathy, it's just too strong
You're perfect for me because we'll never belong
so hey, I don't think I'll be coming home right now