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Flask Jacket
Kelly Case, 11 /2000
Verse 1
You come and confide in me
that this is not where you'd like to be
people go about their own lives
but now are news you'd like to die
I wish there is more I could say
to make all those feelings go away.
But you forget ... I listen to understand
											                All I hold in my hands
You're just like me
and everyone that came before
who battled the demons in theire core
you're just like me inside
who hates the world for telling lies
but you forget you're not alone
plese let me take you home
Verse 2
we all fight inour own ways
to survive another day.
Think of these you hold dear
how they wish that they were not here
More than you realize
The truth's louder in your eyes
There's more you'd like to say
holding back for another day
But you forget...