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Active Local
Savvy 4 out of 5 doctors Ethos
Internecine The Roman Candles Insondae Codename Cleveland
Past Local
Ezro*Sun 16thBreath The Scholars
local and Indie Bands Elsewhere
Begorra Arizing The Postage Era Pseudopod
Finger Eleven Tool A Perfect Circle
Alternative, britpop and grunge::
Third Eye Blind The Foo Fighters Oasis Coldplay SublimeIncubus
Orbital Sheep on Drugs Boom Boom Satellites Juno Reactor
Louise Attaque(French!) Counting Crows
Indie Rock Alaska Jeremiah's AK Band List The Fbx-Shows eGroup Levid Media Napster Bungie Software Furniture Porn KSUA College Radio The Onion So You've Decided to be Evil

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