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Austin's Happy Guide to using OpenNap Servers to Steal Music with a Mac!

1. Download Macigator here (616kb).

2. Macigator was discontinued because no one clicked on the banner ads. That means that the built in OpenNap tracker, along with the Billboard Top 40 lists, etc. won't work. But that's no problem, thanks to the windows counterpart! go to

For a list of all the current servers, their IP addresses, port numbers and amount of currently shared files.

3. Open your copy of Napster (Or Macster. Just be sure not to use version 1.0.1b, I belive they discontinued OpenNap support).

4. Open Macigator and choose file: Connect to OpenNap Server... (Cmd - C), and type in the IP addy and Port Number from the server list. Then hit the button. It should go to Napster and try to connect.

5. Hopefully it'll connect, but probably not, because most servers are too busy for their own good. Try a bunch of different servers - the ones from Italy seem to work well.

6. Anyway, once you get onto a good server, it works just like napster. Search and download to your music-loving content!

*Austin's Moral Disclaimer:Metallica makes too much money, so ownload some metallica today and prevent Lars from buying that leer jet he's been pining over since last Tuesday. And download music to expand your mind, corny as that sounds. DON'T go downloading entire albums, then rip them and sell 'em to your friends. They can download for themselves. If you find a band you really dig, buy the album! support 'em! but if they've got one song amidst an album of crap, download the one hit and wait patiently for something new. Fairbanks doesn't have any really good radio (but KSUA is cool, right?), so treat Napster like a station. Responsible theft! End of rant now.