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Shows / Performances
7.22.01::North Pole Boys and Girls Club - We had band practice there in front of 12-ish people... a crazy time had by all!
7.13-14.01::Angry, Young and Poor Fest! ...a 2-day festival of local art and music - nearly every local band was present, along with poetry readings and visual art on display. July 13th and 14th from noon to midnight, outside Into the Woods Coffee Shop (University and College Rd, across from Hot Licks). Blended with a mix of mind-blowing insanity and some utter crap, the whole ordeal went suprisingly well - very Woodstock. Hope to see it again next year, Hannah!
7.7.01:: This was a very last-minute show, but newcomer heavy metal band Jesus/Karma wanted to get in one more show before AYP, so they threw one at the Fairbanks Boys and Girls Club. Bands included MethylRed, Insondae, Jesus/Karma and Whiskey Tango. A small show welcoming in the new scene - the stage cut the room size in half, and actually looked pretty badass. Kelly put up some blacklights, and even though one broke, it still kicked ass.
5.26.01:: Our first major show. Was held at the Fairbanks Boys and Girls Club (Old Main School, 6th and Cushman, next to Sadler's). Saturday, May 26th, 2001, from 7 to Midnight. Bands were Internecine, Savvy, Jakob's Ladder, The Roman Candles, Four out of Five Doctors, and us. Went off very well, with a large attendance and psychedellic lighting.