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This shit makes my head hurt:8.1.01
Heya everybody. There's going to be a slight lapse in MR performances coming up, because we've decided to actually get good. Kapeesh? Anyways, our next gig will probably be Jamestock III, at James Bartlett's Mother's House, a few weeks before the snow hits. Upcoming stuff to know about: Savvy and 4/5 Doc's are planning farewell shows for themselves, and Jakob's ladder plans to fade gently into the background while Jeremy goes to Hawaii for a bit, which leaves very little in the way of local youth music. Which brings me back to the first point - we're playing a few less shows so we can get really good... And sneak into the fair to see bands there, too! Oh yeah, the Underground Orchestra may be doing an absolutely mind-blowing tech show at into the woods (involving a DOME of video projector screens... Rock on!), so watch for that. Well, ciao.
last updated by Austin, 8.1.01
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